About Urban Design and Development Center

Europe, America, and Asia, there are over 34 centers of Urban Design Center around the globe. Each of them is providing consultancy service and urban planning and design, and they have 3 similar characteristic


1) Be cooperation unit of public sector, private sector, and civil sector. 

2) Based on the body of knowledge and academically support from the diverse field of expertise. 

3) Located on accessible public location, or embedded in communities.


Thailand’s Urban Design and Development Center (UddC) aims to restore and develop urban areas to create the healthy space, which research finding show that it is able to support physical activity, social interaction, and highly signify with people’s healthy eating behavior. Thus the aim for healthy space.

Advisory Committee

ผศ.ดร.นพนันท์ ตาปนานนท์


ผศ.ดร.ไขศรี ภักดิ์สุขเจริญ


ผศ.ดร.อภิวัฒน์ รัตนวราหะ


ผศ.ดร.พนิต ภู่จินดา


ณัฐพงษ์ จารุวรรณพงศ์


ธนิชา นิยมวัน


ชูชาติ เตชะโพธิวรคุณ



ผศ.ดร.นิรมล กุลศรีสมบัติ


อ.ดร.พรสรร วิเชียรประดิษฐ์


วีรวัฒน์ รัตนวราหะ


อ.ดร.ณัฐพงษ์ พันธ์น้อย


แทนศร พรปัญญาภัทร


ปิยา ลิ้มปิติ


อดิศักดิ์ กันทะเมืองลี้


สุภาพร อินทรภิรมย์


ลลิตา เกรียงวัฒนศิริ


สุพัตรา เพชรี


จริยาพร เพียนปราบทุกข์


      The Urban Design and Development Center (UddC) emphasis on planning, designing, and, implementing concept for urban and communities’ recovery and development. We operate our development projects through the mechanism of government sectors, private sector, and, communities to enhance well being, economics, and society, sustainably. Recently, UddC has activated 4 forms of work as follow;

  • Establishing partner and network. After experience the case studies from Urban Design and Development of many countries we found that the outcome of UddC comes from partners’ cooperation and supports. Which is consists of government or reverent ministry, regional authority (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration), local authorities, private sector, civil institution, and communities.
  • Create prototyped healthy urban. UddC has studied many factors of areas and communities in Bangkok, to prioritize the potential areas and communities, where our development projects will be applied. First, we select target area/communityม then coordinate with those partners and stakeholders to launch the operation.
  • Play the role of mentor and supporter. After years of working, UddC found that to execute project on developing health economics and society, with community’s participation is the phase 1 of long-term development. The next phase is to distribute the body of knowledge and support, and mentor each community to self-managing for the sustainable development.    
  • Integrate our work to educational program.  On the other hand, UddC aims to design the educational program, which has the prototyped healthy urban as case study and field site. So, students will be able to learn from the real case, and realize the surrounding physical, health, economics, and society in reality. Once, they are graduated, they could apply knowledge and skill to social construction.